Ian Miller

Ian Miller grew up north of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. He has a broad university background in such divergent fields as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Theology and Education. With a wide range of career experiences, having worked as an Industrial Chemist, Senior High School Physics & Chemistry teacher, and leader of a large, contemporary church, Ian brings a rare combination of worldviews together in his writings. He currently lives in Sydney with his wife, Christine.

Ian Miller
Ian Miller

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The Emissary of the Oppressed trilogy is Ian’s first foray into the genre of Sci-fi/Fantasy. In it, he has created a world that challenges the very nature of humanity. Ian is currently working towards moving to the United States where he will complete his new futuristic Sci-fi novel, and write/produce a series of four short sci-fi movies. With his popular Christian Leadership books, Ian is regularly invited to speak at conferences and Christian gatherings.


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